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David Ralph is a 6 foot 10 inch, 400 pound FREAK who has been a target (both good AND BAD) of women since before puberty. Having spent his formative years as a bouncer/bartender and bar manager in numerous nightclubs, dives, and honky-tonks, coupled with his striking stature and smart-ass personality, he has been subjected to an untold number of run ins with virtually every kind of woman under the sun. He has written numerous books based on these unique experiences and now spends his time counseling others on the pinnacles and pitfalls of meeting, dating, and (sometimes) losing to the so-called ‘Fair Sex’. He welcomes your questions, comments, and stories of both triumph and tragedy when it comes to dealing with those wonderful wacky females of our choice.

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David Ralph

Author of How to Stop Looking at Beautiful Women (and Start Dating Them) available at:https://geterback.wordpress.com/how-to-stop-looking-at-beautiful-women-and-start-dating-them/

Author of How to Make Women Chase You available at:https://geterback.wordpress.com/how-to-make-women-chase-you/

Author of 101 Lines of Female Crap! What They Mean and How to React . . . (with very little effort)available at:https://geterback.wordpress.com/101-lines-of-female-crap-what-they-mean-and-how-to-react-with-very-little-effort/

Author of How to Get Revenge on a Woman (without getting arrested)available at:https://geterback.wordpress.com/how-to-get-revenge-on-a-woman-without-getting-arrested/

Author of What to Do When She Catches You Screwing Around available at:https://geterback.wordpress.com/what-to-do-when-she-catches-you-screwing-around/

Has your woman left you, or is she giving you problems that you need help solving? Email David Ralph at:


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